Amazing Homeschool Deal Of The Day: Supplies! Part 2

We are continually running out of glue-sticks and misplacing scissors. What supplies do you need a refill on?

We are continually running out of glue-sticks and misplacing scissors. What supplies do you need a refill on?

Why do we always run out of glue-sticks? Are they something my children play with or hide or what? And why does a new box of crayons look like a bunch of nubs in a couple of weeks? And the need for a pair of scissors leads to an all out search, even though we have 4 pairs!

Well, as I mentioned in my last Homeschool Deal of the Day post about supplies, I keep a lookout for deals and discounts on supplies that we use in our homeschool because we never seem to have enough around.

Read on to see what I found today – all items are 30% off or more!

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Amazing Homeschool Deal of the Day: Supplies!

Do you stock up your supplies in the fall and then run out in the spring? Here are a few  supplies on sale right now!

Do you stock up your supplies in the fall and then run out in the spring? Here are a few supplies on sale right now!

I am not sure how you plan and purchase supplies for your homeschool, but we usually take advantage of the fall “back to school” sales at Walmart and such and stock up. However, about this time of year, we have usually run out of most of those supplies!

That is why I thought it would be a great idea this week to look through some of the online resources out there and see what kind of supplies I could find that were on sale / discounted.These are all from Christian Book and there are a few others item there, so check them out. Stay tuned, I will have one more post this week from Amazon.



God’s Little Princess Zippered Pencil Case – 75% Off


Supplies_2Crayola, Watercolor Pencils, 24 Pieces – 59% Off




Student Draw & Measure Set with SAFE-T Compass – 80% Off

Supplies_3Crayola, Twistable Slick Stix Super Smooth Crayons – 45% Off




Supplies_4Smithsonian: Children’s Encyclopedia of American History, Fully Revised and Updated – Slightly Imperfect – 41%



Supplies_5Crayola, Rainbow Connector Markers with Bonus Doodle Pad – 40%



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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What Is In My Apothecary?

Want to learn more about natural healing and health? Look inside one families natural "medicine cabinet"

Want to learn more about natural healing and health? Look inside one families natural “medicine cabinet”

One of the best ways to learn about natural medicine and natural treatments is to learn about what other people really use to treat their own family. Below is a list of issues that occur at least once in a blue moon around here, and some that occur frequently, and how our family treats them / heals them.

*Products that are available through April’s Nature’s Sunshine shop will have an NSP note at the end. Please use REP ID: 3383365 . 

Tummy aches / diarrhea that has gone on more than a day: Activated Charcoal - NSP

Tunny aches / heartburn – Liquid Calcium and sometimes with Liquid Magnesium – NSP for the Liquid Calcium.

Chronic tummy upset / GERT – Probiotics - NSP

Flu – chicken soup, honey / lemon tea, colloidal silver – we have been making our own colloidal silver, but this last flu bug was got, the silver was not strong enough. NSP does have a more potent, better grade silver than what we make at home.

Cough – honey and Vitamin C, dissolved in hot water – NSP for the Vitamin C

External infections – minor – Amish chickweed salve

External infections – major & Cellulitis – Silver Shield Gel for external application and lots of our homemade colloidal sliver taken internally – NSP for the Gel

Pregnancy – prenatal vitamins, red raspberry leaf, birth herbs – I get my birth herbs through Mountain Meadow Herbs – NSP prenatal vitamins, red raspberry leaf

There is a lot more available through Nature’s Sunshine than what we use, we just haven’t had need for it since we started using their products. Stay tuned, I will be sharing more products and more uses for them.

Disclosure: some links may be affiliate links

If you want to know more about Nature’s Sunshine, please join my April’s Sunshine FB Group!




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WAHM: 5 Ways To Make Money Working From Home

Follow for a series of posts on the many ways to make money from home.

Follow for a series of posts on the many ways to make money from home.

Blogging – Yes, there are lots of people making money blogging. However, there are lots of people not making money blogging. It takes time, continual learning, and hard work to make it as a blogger. There are also a lot of flooded niches, so you need to find what is “you” and hasn’t been done 100s of times.

If you really want to start blogging, don’t fall for the “get rich quick” blogging schemes out there. Take the time to really think about what you want to blog about and why. Get practice writing your first few posts and having friends and family critique them. Then start learning what it takes to grow your blog, gain followers, and make money from it. A great starter book is: How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul .

Customer Service – While Blogging is a business, doing Customer Service is a job. You should NEVER have to pay to find the jobs, get the jobs, and get paid by the jobs. There are many companies that now hire virtual Customer Service Reps and most of these are reputable companies with real, paid by the hour, jobs. I even saw a post once from American Express Travel  – they were paying $16.00 an hour for virtual travel agents!

Your two best bets for finding these jobs are doing a Google search like: remote customer service jobs (but beware, this will also bring up some scam sites) or using Rat Race Rebellion’s comprehensive list of Customer Service companies that hire remote / virtual reps.

Direct Sales – You may have also heard these called MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Businesses. Businesses, instead of selling through a retail store like Walmart or Amazon, sell their products through individuals, like you or I.

When you start an MLM, you are starting your own business. And just like Blogging, you can make a lot of money or you can make very little or no money. It depends on hard work and learning from other people how to build your business. Usually you sign up for such a business under someone else and they teach you how. However, there are 100’s of sites, books, etc… out there on how to grow and build your business also.

Some companies include: Avon, Aribonne,  It Works, Scentsy, Posh, Thrive, Plexus, Young Living, Useborne Books, and MANY more. If you know of a business that you have been considering or would like to know more about, I probably know someone who is working that business. Contact me and I will connect you.

I run two MLM businesses, although one is really a glorified affiliate program: April’s Sunshine Supplements, Vitamins and Herbs and Gifts With A Cause – Fair Trade accessories and home decor that lift women out of poverty in 2nd and 3rd World Countries. Join my groups to learn more: April’s Gifts With A Cause Group and April’s Sunshine Super Sellers.

Online Tutoring – In college, part of my work-study funds came from tutoring students who were struggling in math, especially Algebra and 1st quarter Calculus. Today, millions of students from elementary through college can find a Tutor online, and therefore, you can find a job Tutoring online.

You will either be paid by the client or by the hour. Usually the Tutoring company is the one providing you clients, but you may get bonuses for bringing in your own clients. Your best bet is to Google online tutoring companies or look in your local phonebook.

Surveys, feedback, samples – If you are not specifically looking to make a full living working from home, but just need a little spending money, Swagbucks might be for you. You can earn Swagbucks for registering, taking surveys, shopping online, printing coupons, watching videos, and playing games. Redeem the Swagbucks for giftcards from most major retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more). There is currently a $5 bonus for signing up.

Stay tuned, I will soon be posting 5 More Ways To Make Money Working From Home soon!

Join my Work From Home Moms Who Want More Than Spam Facebook Group to learn more about working from home and the opportunities available.

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links.

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Amazing Homeschool Deals: Springtime Educational Fun!

Amazing_Deals_Spring_2.jpgHow many of us have some sort of “Spring Fever” about now? It isn’t just for children in formal school settings, even homeschoolers get it and even homeschoolers like us that school year round. The truth is, many of us have been cooped up in a house for months of winter, possibly (like us) suffered a winter flu or cold, and we are now ready to GO DO SOMETHING!

Today’s Amazing Homeschool Deals are inspired by the need to get out of the house and yet still be productive and learn. Check out these deals, pick one, and take a break from the routine.

9010107: Live Butterfly Garden Live Butterfly Garden – Our family did this a couple of years ago and it is one of the most remembered projects we ever did. On sale this week: 35% off – $12.99
By Insect Lore
Discover metamorphosis with the Live Butterfly Garden. Designed for ages 4 years and older, this fun kit gives you everything you need to watch a caterpillar transition into a butterfly! Includes:

  • Pop-up mesh habitat
  • Feeding pipette
  • Instructions
  • Certificate for 5 live caterpillers ($5.00 fee)
9021004: Live Ladybug Land Live Ladybug Land – I just ordered this. Such a good deal and we have been wanting to do this for a year! 25% off – $14.99
By Insect Lore
Now your children can discover ladybug metamorphosis with the Live Ladybug Land kit from Insect Lore®. This see-through, domed Live Ladybug Land is a fun habitat for ladybugs to live and explore as you observe them grow from larvae into recognizable pink, spotted ladybugs! This habitat features a built-in magnifying lid for close-up observation, a water reservoir “volcano” to hydrate the ladybugs, a watering pipette and instructions with complete care and activity guide. This fun kit includes a certificate for 5 live larvae that will transform over time into ladybugs.Please note: There is an additional $5.00 fee when redeeming the certificate.
151754: Back Yard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion Back Yard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion – This one will have to go on the wish list for now. 21% off – $14.99
By Poof-Slinky Inc
The Backyard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion from Poof Slinky is the right kind of gear to start your outdoor adventures. Designed for ages 5 years and older, this habitat allows kids to watch the life cycle of the Praying Mantis. Expands to 8″ x 8″ x 11.5″ and is made of breathable mesh and features a collapsible frame, a stick anchor, and a zipper on the back panel. Package dimensions: 12.25″ x 12″ x 2.5″.
360283: Paper Model of the Tabernacle (Ages 8 and up) Paper Model of the Tabernacle (Ages 8 and up) – OK, maybe this would not do so good outside, but I could not pass on sharing it with you. 33% off – $11.99
By Rose Publishing Here is a full-color scale model of the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the High Priest, and all of the animals and furnishings. Just cut out the 60 figures. Then fold and tape or glue. Made from heavy chart paper. Perfect for ages 8 and up. Laminated. Model size: Courtyard is 23″ x 13″ x 3″.
4000582: Resurrection Plant Resurrection Plant – This looks like fun, now on our wish list. 25% off – $5.99
By DunecraftResurrection Plant the eternal symbol of hope and rebirth is the fastest acting plant. Transforms from a dormant brown ball into a lush fern in just hours. Can remain in its dormant stage for 50 years without water. Kit includes plant, clear display bowl, bag of New Mexico lava rocks. Dimensions are 5.5″x 2.25″x 5.5″. Instructions and information sheet included.
743417: LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions – build them indoors, then take them out to run in the driveway. 27% off – $15.99
By Doug Stillinger / Klutz PressBuild incredible, high-performance projects with LEGO® Crazy Action Contraptions! This book features 16 projects that can be constructed using just the custom selection of LEGO® bricks that are included. With instructions and step-by-step diagrams, kids can build contraptions like the supercharged Sppedster, the Squeezeclaw Grabber, the Wall Rocket Racer, and more! Recommended for ages 7+; includes 105 LEGO® bricks and rubber bands.
168811: Solar Mechanics Solar Mechanics – Got to take this out in the sun for it to work. 20% off – $15.99
By 4M
Make learning fun with the Solar Mechanics Kit! Designed for ages 8 years and older, this kit teaches kids the important properties of solar mechanics as they build and create a unique solar motorized module powered by a solar cell and can be used as the engine of a vibrating robot, a cooling fan, and more.
028910: Root Viewer Root Viewer – a friend recently suggested this to us, so another one for the wish list. 21% off – $9.49
By ToysmithEncourage kids to help in the garden with the Root Viewer from Toysmith. Designed for ages 8 years and older, this garden includes a wooden stand, three 5.5 inch plastic viewing tubes to looking at the roots, growing medium, seeds, and instructions. Root Viewer measures 6.75″ x 2″ x 5.75″.
72741: The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Book The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Book – I could really use a few of these ideas to get my children moving around in the backyard. 17% off – $16.46
By Guy Bailey / Educators Press
You want to teach your child physical education, but don’t have a gymnasium or expensive sports equipment? No problem! This unique collection—written by an experienced teacher and coach—provides a variety of partner and small-group games, complete with easy-to-understand directions, age level, equipment requirements, safety guidelines, learning objectives, and more. 190 pages, softcover from Faithworks.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links.

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A Simple Truth: Why Do We Keep Doing What Doesn’t Work?

A_Simple_Truth_Why_Do_Keep_Doing.jpgThey say the the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So why are you still doing it?

During a session with our counselors, my husband was told the above quote to something he is working through. Of course, my first response was, yea, why aren’t you making the changes that need to be made. However, the correct response that I needed to make was to look at my own life and see what things I was continuing to do that weren’t working, and figure out what needed to change.

The first thing I realized was I needed to change some things with my interaction with my children, They have a routine they are supposed to do every morning – yet they don’t do it w/o me reminding them to do so – every morning! So what do I need to do, to change this?

1) I need to get up when they get up. I have used my pregnancy as an excuse to sleep in, in the morning. If I get up when they do and I tell them to do their routine, it will be done before breakfast, not after.


2) I need to tell them today, that from now on, they are to do the routine every morning after they get up, whether or not I am up, and that they will be disciplined if they do not. The consequence should be that they miss out on something “fun” that day.

The next thing I realized was that I was not spending enough time / days in devotionals. Maybe one or two days per week. I don’t do well in the morning, usually falling back asleep, so I have to do them later in the day. What do I need to change so I can do daily or near daily devotionals?

1) I need to make devotionals a priority before I work on my blog or do afternoon projects. I am not allowed (with rare exception) to start working on my blog business or project until after I have spent time seeking what the Lord wants for me. And if He wants something different that day than my plan, then I need to be prepared to do it.

One more thing that I was seeing is that some interactions with my husband were getting strained and that I was trying to “get” from him instead of give.

1) To change this, I needed to change how I was dealing with him daily. When he gets home at night, no matter what I have been doing or how I feel (did I mention I was pregnant:-)), I choose to greet him as he comes in, ask what I can do to help him settle in for the evening, and what he would like to do tonight.

2) Anytime I feel I want something from him, I take it to the Lord instead. If what I need really is something I need and is good, the Lord will work through him or someone else to provide it, whether it is changing a faucet or just needing some affirmation.

I hope these examples will help you stop what you are doing today and examine what you are doing over and over again and are getting results you don’t like / want / need. See what you could do differently instead. I would love to hear your stories!


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Amazing Homeschool Deal Of The Day: 10 Spring Related Educational Toys

Amazing_Deals_Spring,jpgThis weeks theme of ASimpleLifeToo’s Amazing Homeschool Deal Of The Day is Spring. What do you think about when you think Spring? Getting outdoors to play? Exploring the backyard, gardening, exploring the world of critters that are awakening, spring cleaning, the end of school, outdoor sports? These were a few things that I thought of and I found 10 great deals on spring related, educational toys that would be great for homeschoolers.

  1. Little Helper Broom Set – My children all learned to clean with this set! 33% Off
  2. Big Backyard Rope Swing - Add this to any outdoor playset or see if it can attach to a tree. 54% Off
  3. Learning Resources Camp Set – Play at camping. 50% Off
  4. Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike – Outdoor play time! 61% Off
  5. Toy State Style 1 Road Rippers Street Beatz Vehicle  – Toy cars, outdoors, boys = Win! 78% Off
  6. Backyard Safari Magnetic Bug Habitat – Spring and watching bugs! 43% Off
  7. World Animals Tom Adventure Baby Dinosaur Box Set – We love dinosaurs. 30% Off
  8. Toyops Triops Space Age Tank – Raise 100 prehistoric creatures in a tank. 32% Off
  9. Crayola 144 Art Chalk Sticks Assorted Colors Lift Lid Box – We love when the weather allows us to draw on the sidewalk with chalk. 77% Off
  10. Crystal Caves: 2 Citrine Geodes – watch sparkling crystals form before your eyes. 40% Off

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links.

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Amazing Homeschool Deals: 5 Homeschool Deals Under $1.50

Amazing_Deals_5_Math_1_50.jpgAs I have been searching for homeschool deals, I have noticed something when I do my searches on Amazon. There are tons of used curriculum books out there and many are only a few dollars. For just an example, I have search out 5 useful looking math curriculum, which have at least one copy (mostly used) under $1.50.

As a bonus today, if you ask me in the comments below, I will tell you how to find these deals for yourself, since they will change often and most of us could benefit from finding quality, used math curriculum.

  1. Hickory Dickory Math: Teaching Math with Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales (Grades K-1)
  2. Maths Made Easy: Age 7-11 (Carol Vorderman’s Maths Made Easy)
  3. Back to Basics: Maths for 8-9 Year Olds Bk. 2
  4. Lessons Using Learning Bags for Math, Grades 1-2
  5. Essential Skills: Math Grd 2 (Essential Skills (Teacher Created Resources))

Disclosure: these are affiliate links.

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Super Simple Homeschooling: Amy Carmichael Unit Study


A few times in the school year, we will take a break from some of our regular homeschool lineup to do a missions related Unit Study. We love to learn about current needs around the world for ministry and we also enjoy learning about past missions and Missionaries. In this recent case, we did a Unit Study of the Missionary Amy Carmichael, using materials from YWAM.

The Materials:

HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS – Activity Guide (for books 5 – 8). This activity book actually covers 4 heroes, including Amy. We will be doing Corrie ten Boom next. The activities for the study for Amy include:

  • Coloring pages
  • Songs
  • Character studies with craft projects
  • Facts about the country she mainly ministered in (India), including map work
  • Activities to re-enforce what was read, including matching and crossword puzzle

There is also a CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW – Unit Study Curriculum Guide for Amy Carmichael. Since our children are all under 10, we used the Heroes For Young Readers Activity Guide.

HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS – Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children. This is the young reader book we used for suggested ages 5 – 10.

CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW – Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems. This is the reader for older readers. We did not need it for this study per say, but if you have adults or older children who want to get a more in-depth study of Amy’s life and work, this is great to have.

THE TORCHLIGHTERS DVD – The Amy Carmichael Story – She Rescued the Children One by One. This is an optional component to the study, but so brings the story to life for the children and also contains a documentary.

The Study: 

On the first day of the study, we read the Heroes For Young Readers book together, then we did two activities from the activity book. On the second day of the study, we watched the video and did a couple more activities. On the last day of the study (these were not consecutive days), we watched the documentary and did a couple more activities. We did not do all of the activities, but most.

My oldest (8) read some of the Christian Heroes Then and Now book on her own time and narrated some of it to me.

I made sure to talk to the children throughout the study about what they were learning, hearing and catching from it. We had some great discussions.

Comment on the Cost:

We have a very frugal homeschool budget of $100 per child per year (or $300 total, since some curriculum is joint). This unit study went beyond that budget. We consider learning about missions, ministry, and Missionaries an integral part of our children’s growth. Also, since our purchase of the products are through YWAM, the proceeds are going to support current, active Missionaries, and therefore, we consider the purchase also part of our tithing / charitable giving.

You can reduce the cost of the study in the following ways:

  1. Only purchase one of the books. If the majority of your group is younger (4th or 5th grade and below) get the childrens’ book. If your group is older, get the more mature book.
  2. If you have IAMFlix or similar, the Torchlighters video is available on that network so you don’t need to purchase a copy.
  3. You can check with your local library for the book(s) or ask them to order the books for the library, letting you be the first loaner. Same with the video.
  4. You can search for used copies of the book(s), videos, and/or activity books.


Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

YWAM Affiliate:




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Amazing Homeschool Deals: 5 Math Curriculum Under $5.00

Amazing Homeschool Deal of the Day: 5 Math Curriculum Under $5

Amazing Homeschool Deal of the Day: 5 Math Curriculum Under $5

It is a new week of Amazing Homeschool Deals and I am searching high and low to find the best deals in Math curriculum this week.

We will start off with 5 Math Curriculum under $5.00 – yes, math curriculum for $5.00 or less. I am not sure that you can get math for less, even if you print free printables – you still have to pay for the ink and paper! But if you can get some good math for less, let me know about it so I can share it!

1) On Sale for 90% Off – only $0.50 – Taking Care of My Money – Stewardship Lessons In Money Matters –  topics ranging from cost-benefit analysis and compound interest to fair trade and charitable giving. I found this one interesting because I JUST wrote a post about a Fair Trade company called Gifts With A Cause.

2) Slightly Imperfect Sale 84% off – only $4.10 0 Power Basics: Basic and Intermediate Subtraction

3) On Sale for 60% Off – only $1.99 – The Smart Alec Series: Math Readiness Grade Pre-K and Grade K

4) On Sale for 60% Off – only $1.99 – The Smart Alec Series: Math Word Problems Grade 5

5) On Sale for 55% Off – only $4.48 – Spectrum Math – Grades K, 1, 2, 3 4, 6, 7, 8,

ChristianBook is also having their “slightly imperfect sale” right now, so this is a good time to see what deals they have on other subjects.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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