English: The DMZ from the North Korean side

I am starting a new series on my blog today. It is all about helping others.


Because my heart can not read things like the headline above and not want to do something more than sit around watching TV.

There are 200,000 people in camps in North Korea similar to the work camps in Nazi Germany.



Because they refuse to bow to the “god” of North Korea.

Or because they own a Bible.

Did you know that this was going on? Do you want to learn more or help in some way?

Voice of the Martyrs

 I get alerts emails from VOM. Here is an excerpt from the current email about North Korean camps:

 At least 200,000 North Korean citizens, including many of our Christian brothers and sisters, suffer under brutal conditions in six confirmed labor camps for political prisoners.

Among the camps are …

  • Camp 14, which is known as a “complete control district,” meaning its 50,000 prisoners will work there until death.

  • Camp 22, which is about the size of Los Angeles in area and is thought to be used for human experiments. It also holds about 50,000 prisoners.

  • Camp 25, a camp controlled by the North Korean secret police and believed to hold felons, religious leaders and spies and their families.

Very few North Koreans have survived detention in a labor camp. Although the average sentence is 15 years, the average life expectancy in a labor camp is only seven years. Up to three generations of entire families have been detained in government efforts to “root out class enemies.”

Changed Forever

If you did not know that stuff like this was going on in the world, I offer you the link to the Voice of the Martyrs site to learn more: http://www.persecution.com/.

Your heart will be changed.


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