The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Look around your room, your car, office, wherever you are reading this blog post from. How much stuff can you see? Electronics? Food? Clothing? Furniture? What else?


Where did that stuff come from? I don’t mean the store your purchased it in, but where  each component originated. And what exactly, is IN each component.


You probably have no idea where 99% of your stuff comes from, I mean really comes from. And you probably don’t know what is IN most of what you have (even things with labels).




What if your stuff comes from a factory that hires children and makes them work 14 hours a day?


What if your stuff contains toxins that will eventually make you sickly?


What if a component of your stuff comes from a place where there used to be a village of people, but now there is nothing but a big hole in the ground?


Wouldn’t you want to know?


The Story of Stuff




As always, I may not agree with everything on this site, but the main idea is worth sharing.






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