Literacy rate by country based on CIA World Fa...
Literacy rate by country based on CIA World Factbook data; SVG version of Image:Literacy_rate_world.PNG based on Image:BlankMap-World6.svg (which is public domain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is so much need in the world.

You have to close your eyes and keep really, really busy to not know that there are a billion people on this planet suffering from the lack of basic needs, lack of love, lack of life.

One country on my heart recently as our family did a study is India. Most of India does not know Jesus. Much of India is extremely poor and in bondage to the lie that thy have to stay that way because that is how they were born.

So, along comes an organization that says that people in India don’t have to stay illiterate, stay impoverished, stay in the dark. They provide literacy training for adults who can’t read, don’t know how to manage their money and don’t know that they don’t have to stay stuck in the position they are in.

Here is a link to their site: I have set it to the page with their videos, as they are so compelling and tell the story better than I can. My favorite story is Unnoticed: A Literacy Story. I am sure it will catch your heart as it did mine.


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