So, how does one eat simple, healthy, and cheap??? Well, I don’t claim to have all the answers or what is best for everyone, but, I can share a sample of a weekly menu here. Contact me if you would be interested in any recipes.


1 day of cold cereal – low sugar like Wheaties

1 day of pancakes – whole grain + fruit and maple syrup

3 day of oatmeal, sometimes with raisins

2 days of Cream of Wheat, sometimes with fruit


3 days fruit

1 day dried fruit and nuts

2 days bread

1 day leftover hot cereal


2 days beet soup

2 days corn and potato chowder

2 days of leftovers

1 day of salad

(Note: Husband eats lunch at work, provided by his work for cheap)


Mac and Cheese – the really unhealthy box kind, because we like it! + mixed veggies

Lamb Curry + rice (the 2 lbs of local lamb was a lovely gift)

Snack – popcorn

Fried rice (with a little chicken)

Chicken with marinara, cheese and green beans

Salmon with plum chutney + salad and flat-bread


We spend about $100 a week on groceries. We don’t coupon, stockpile, etc… Just look for good deals and make use of local, fresh foods!


Here is one mom who only spent $44 for the week!


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