As soon as our “Bugs – Big and Small, God Made Them All” book arrived, it was in the hands of my children. They looked and read through it, then did it again the next day. They loved sharing bug facts with each other. They kept calling each other over to “see” the latest bug they had discovered. In fact, this went on for quite a few days. Finally, I got my hands on the book in time to write a review and come up with a Unit Study for the first chapter.

So Many Photos, So Little Time

I simply can not convey here the amazing amount and quality of illustrations, but I thought I would try to take a few photos of the inside so you can get a better idea of what you are in for if you get this book!

Speaking of getting the book, if you would like to purchase Bugs! it is currently available on the NLPG site for $14.99.

Who knew there were so many bugs as big or BIGGER than your hand?
Fist full of beetles, anyone?
The title of the chapter says it all!
Praying Mantises are one of my favorite bugs. I never knew there were so many varieties.


Unit Study For Chapter 1 – Amazing Creepy Crawlers

We decided that our Master Books’ Astronomy book will not take a full year to work through, so Bugs will be a good end-cap for our homeschool science curriculum this year.

Projects based on chapter 1:

  • Draw where bugs fit into the life-cycle of a healthy garden.
  • Research the issue of declining bee populations.
  • Find a video about bees and pollination.
  • Find a chart of the kinds of mosquitoes and which ones actually are a threat to humans.
  • Copy and memorize the Bible verses mentioned in the chapter.

Fact Cards

At the end of the book is a set of 12 insect fact cards on some of the more unique bugs in the insect kingdom.

I sincerely hope you will pick-up a copy of Bugs from Master Books this year and be amazed at God’s limitless creativity!

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