HP 11.6inch 2-1 Tablet / Laptop with 500 gig storage.

With HP and other brand 2-1 Laptops starting at $350 and the Surface starting at $500, how did I manage to get an HP 2-1 Laptop for only $279?

Well, I took my time and did some research, using Google shopping, Amazon and Best Buy as my starting places. In looking at Best Buy, I noticed that they sold some refurbished machines. Some were sold through partners of Best Buy and some were sold and warrantied for 1 year by Best Buy’s Geek Squad. It was in looking over these refurbished machines directly from Best Buy that I saw they had a couple of refurbished 11.6 inch, 2-1 laptops for $279 = I was sold. I had seen those Surface ads for awhile and I really wanted one, and this was a close second and nearly $250 less! With the warranty, I felt this was a sold purchase and I saved over $100 on the price of a new version of this machine.

Since I am writing this post on this new machine, all is well so far and I can’t wait to flip it over and use it read some Kindle books I haven’t been able to read very well on my old machine.

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