Baby On A Budget: How To Spend Less Than $100 On Your Basic Baby Needs
Baby On A Budget: How To Spend Less Than $100 On Your Basic Baby Needs

I know that many people save for their first baby. Unfortunately, many other folks do not. Maybe the baby is a surprise, earlier than planned, or they simply don’t have the income coming in to save.

We were both taken a bit by surprise by our first pregnancy and we still weren’t very good budgeters, so even when we found out we were pregnant and I was still working part time, we were living at our means and didn’t make the sacrifices we could have to save, other than the $100 a month payment to the mid-wife.

With all the money going out in bills, food, etc… how did we provide a crib, infant seat, baby bathtub, clothing, and more that a new baby needs? The following is how we still managed to have it all w/o spending more than $100 out of our own pocket:

  1. We let our family, friends and church community know our needs. We were humble enough to be grateful for all the hand-me down stuff that we were given. Lots of clothing, blankets, burp-rags, a baby bath, a high chair, a diaper bag, and more came in from other families and friends. We also ended up with a dresser and a stroller this way.
  2. A friend of mine hosted a baby shower for me. We were given beautiful, handmade blankets, cute as can be dresses (we were having a girl), and lots of practical stuff like diaper rash cream, diapers and pacifiers.
  3. Each of our parents contributed one major purchase with my mom-in-law getting us a crib (which ended up lasting through 3 babies) and mattress and my parents got us the infant seat.
  4. We picked up a few additional clothes from thrift / resale stores.

Although we had all we needed for baby one through these means, since then we have received / purchased a few additional items through the following means:

  1. Craigslist / want ads – always a great source of toys, clothing and more. Many people practically give stuff away. Others are trying to make some of their money back, but most people will deal, so try talking them down a little.
  2. Giveaways – lots of blogs out there are hosting giveaways of baby stuff. Try a few, you never know what you might end up with. There are also blogs that give away samples and such or find deals. If you have a little time, it is worth a search.

If you have saved a little money and want to get some items new, make the most of your funds by searching Ebates for coupons and cash back deals for 100’s of stores selling baby and children’s goods.

9 comments on “Baby On A Budget: How To Spend Less Than $100 On Your Basic Baby Needs”

  1. Garage sales were my best buddies when I was expecting. I’d also ask the local thrift store to watch for things I specifically needed. I tell her what it was and how much I’d be willing to pay, then she would call me when it came in. That worked really well.

  2. Very practical and useful ideas. I like that you said you let everybody know you are in need and were more than willing to accept hand-me-downs.What everyone seems to forget about babies is they don’t wear clothing out, they just outgrow them.

    • Thank you!

      I have 3 girls and number 4 is also a girl. I have clothing left over from the 1st one that is STILL wearable!

  3. Great ideas. Rummage sales are the best. You can find so many sweet things that are like new. But best of all is getting hand me downs from friends for free. Just don’t let the flow of God’s giving stop with you! I love that saying.

    • Absolutely! I am actually needing 0 to 6 month clothing for my baby girl due soon because I passed most of what I had on to others – it has been 4 years since my last one so I didn’t want to keep holding onto stuff:-)

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