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Could you use some free help with your menu / meal planning.

Meal Planning! Love it, hate it, run from it, eventually you will have to deal with it, especially when one of your little ones come up to you and ask: Mom, what’s for lunch? or your husband asks: hun, what’s for dinner?

I used to avoid meal planning, but after a couple of years of winging it with 2 (and now 3) children, I decided I had to start learning and trying. Fast forward a few years, and I now have a pretty easy time putting together a menu.

One thing that helped me was to develop a philosophy of eating: Simple, Healthy, Cheap. This guides me as I pick recipes and plan for each week. Also, we have occasional themed weeks, in which I stick to a budget, like $50 or $60. I have written about a couple of these menus and plan to write a couple more:

Feed A Family Of 5 For $50: Caribbean Week – guest post on

Feed A Family For Less Than $60 A Week: Asian Week

How To Feed A Family Of 5 For One Week With $25

The Challenge

My challenge this month is for you to send me a weekly meal plan / weekly menu. I will then select a few menus per week to post on my blog and I will make suggestions on how to:

  1. Make some changes to save money
  2. Make some changes to improve the healthiness of the menu
  3. Make some changes to simplify the menu

Send me your menus / plans through FB or contact me with the form below and I will write you back with my email address (please no spam). Follow my blog so that you can see each weeks menus and suggestions. I even plan on learning a thing or two!

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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