Yes, YOU can eradicate community poverty in Kenya.

This community of Artisans in Kenya have been given a wonderful chance in life – to make a sustainable, fair living from making beautiful, creative goods from local resources. When World Vision found them, they were in extreme poverty – widows, orphans, people suffering from disease like T.B. and Aids. World Vision helped them organize a group, get the licenses, training, and equipment that they would need, and then they brought their products to market through Gifts With a Cause.

Here is a little more on their story (click the graphic to open the full page):



Would you like to help this group or another group somewhere in the world to get started? You can!

Donate to World Vision

Become a Gifts With a Cause Affiliate and Sales Rep – scroll to the bottom of the page, under Company, click the Affiliate link and walk through the process. Contact me for more information or join my Gifts With A Cause FB Group.

Purchase products from Gifts With a Cause – click the banner below to see many of the Soapstone products from Kenya.



Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Gifts With a Cause.


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  1. I love it when you connect people from cultures across the world to ours, here. This is such a great lesson for my kiddos to learn as well.

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