Raw Veggie Pizza Recipe
Is it hard for you to get your children to eat their veggies?

Is there a bigger dilemma with kids and eating than how to get them to actually eat enough veggies in a day or at least in a week?

Our family’s philosophy of eating is: Healthy, Simple and Cheap! I have stumbled upon a family favorite recipe that falls under this philosophy, and for at least one day will fulfill you and your children’s daily veggie requirement. The secret is that the children make these themselves, which seems to lend itself to an eagerness to eat it.

Raw Veggie Pizza Recipe


– Hummus (pre-made or make your own)

– Whole wheat flat bread or pita bread (again, pre-made or make your own)

– A selection of favorite raw veggies (organic if you can)

Bags of Raw Veggies
Lots of veggies to choose from!


  1. Have children spread two tablespoons of hummus over their piece of flat bread, going out almost to the edge. This is the “sauce” on your “pizza crust.” Demonstrate to the with your pizza as needed.
  2. Let the children select their favorite veggies (but more than one kind) and decorate the pizza as they like.
  3. Eat. Parent can cut the pizza in fourths if needed.

It is that simple and now you have happy children happily eating their creation!

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