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I am going to be blunt, I wasted two years blogging.

It wasn’t that the blogging was a waste, but how I did it, giving up and taking long breaks, and the things I was not willing to do to actually make it work and successful, that is what was a waste.

If you are starting blogging or even have been blogging for years, I want to share a few things with you that I WISH I had known a couple of years ago when I started blogging.

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I Was Not Willing To Invest In Myself, I Was Not Teachable

I was convinced that I was so very smart and that I could figure out this blogging thing all on my own. I didn’t need any books, I rarely read site dedicated to teaching blogging, and I really just thought that I would do it my way and it would be great.

Well, it wasn’t great. My blog looked amateur, although there was a few good posts there was no real theme or order to my site, and I really did not know what I was trying to do with it or where I was going.

Once I was humbled and realized that I needed some help, I:

I learned a LOT in a very short time and I continue to learn now, it is part of my weekly blogging routine.

I Could Not Accept That I Would Need To Invest Some Money

I was convinced that I could build a business without investing one penny into it. Although starting a business on a shoestring or bootstrapping are good concepts, they don’t mean don’t invest a single penny. They just mean you might be able to start a business for $10 or $50 or $100 vs. $1000s.

Once I spent a few dollars on stock photos, useful books, getting my domain name and moving my blog to a host, I found my blog really started to grow and many more opportunities started to come my way.

I Wish I Had Purchased My Domain And Setup A Blog Host

I started my blog on because it was free. I won’t say it was a total mistake, but going back, I would have just started with a domain name and host from the beginning. The cost for a domain name can be as little as $2.00 and maybe as much as $20.00 per year. The cost for a host for a small blog is from $5.00 (which is all I am paying now) to $20 per month. A very small investment.

Most host companies will allow you to setup and purchase your domain also. I currently use A Small Orange as my host. A lot of people also use BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy.

I Wish I Had Learned To Use Graphics And Pinterest From The Beginning

I was so sure that I could grow my blog by sharing it with my friends on FB and they would share with all their friends and so on. Well, when crickets kept chirping when I shared on FB, I realized that there was a lot more I would need to do.

I joined some FB Groups, started participating and sharing my posts. I also finally go into Pinterest and saw the need for me to improve my graphics so that my posts would be “pinnable.” I started using a free online app called Canva to make my graphics, occasionally purchasing some quality stock photos from them. I have seen some amazing work done with Pic Monkey on other people’s blogs.

30 Days FREE $4.95 per month subscription after 30 days

I Wish I Hadn’t Spammed!

Unfortunately, when I got frustrated with my friends and family not really paying attention to my blog and not sharing much, I started spamming some blogs, groups, etc… My mindset was still focused on myself – come look at me – vs really caring about the people around me, what they needed, and if I was providing something useful for them. Changing my mindset changed how I approached promotion and I try to do it, in a real, organic way – but I probably haven’t perfected that yet.

Blogging Helps – Use Them Now!

There are so many sites, groups and resources out there to help bloggers. I wish I had taken the time to tap into these much sooner. I am still using many of them!

ProBlogger – As I mentioned about the book, the ProBlogger site is the ultimate how to blog site. 1000s of posts, lots of eBooks and courses to sign up for, a newsletter, etc… The Bloggers Guide To Online Marketing is on my wishlist!

Inspired Bloggers Network – The site includes lots of how to blogging tips and is a place to find some additional courses and the Inspired Bloggers University.

What else would you like to know about blogging? Or if you are a blogger, what mistake(s) would you be willing to share so others can learn?

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11 comments on “What I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging And How You Can Avoid My Mistakes”

    • I am finding that sharing real experiences, even if not perfect, is more helpful to people than telling them what to do:-)

    • Early stages – Your blog looks like you have been working on it for awhile (i.e. high quality and very mature).

    • I share my blog post on homeschool groups like Frugal Homeschool Mom, Christian groups like Christian Homeschool Reviews, Christian Authors, and some Work At Home Mom sites. Best bet is to do a search on FB using key words that describe your blog and see what groups come up. Then research the rules of the groups. Some groups do not allow you to share posts, but might allow you to respond to people’s comments with posts that would be helpful.

    • Let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you or anything I can help you with. One great thing about blogging is that you aren’t really alone, there are lots of great communities out there ready to help.

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