Saving On Big Ticket ItemsI have stated before that I am not a fan or frequent user of grocery coupons. I mostly purchase base foods and find store brands a better deal (most of the time, not always) than a name brand, even with a coupon.

I Like Coupons For Big Ticket Items

However, to be very very transparent, there is a time that I do use coupons – whenever I purchase just about anything else! When we go out to dinner, the first thing I look for is a coupon for a couple of places we would like to go. Just recently, we went out to the Outback for my birthday. I manged to find a 15% off coupon for our meal!

If I need to get the oil changed, when it is time for my once per year mommy shopping spree, when we need a new item of furniture or housewares, I will be found on the internet and checking my files for coupons.

I am very happy to share a new site with you that I have discovered : They have a very easy to use interface. I was able to quickly find a set of Outback coupons. The one I had used earlier this month was expired, but you can also sign up to receive new coupons as they come out.

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