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I don’t know about you, but when I first started thinking about homeschooling my children, I went on the hunt for as much information about homeschooling as I could get. I mostly found myself being given books by friends, checking a few out from the library, and purchasing a couple. I also started to look over homeschool magazines, catalogs, and websites.

The following list is my top 5 books that helped me get started homeschooling and continue to help me plan my homeschool each year.

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1 – Mary Pride’s Complete Guide To Getting Started Homeschooling – Although a little outdated, this “tome” of everything homeschooling answers all the questions of a new homeschool parent and gives lots of resources useful for annual homeschool planning. It is still on our bookshelf and I will probably keep it as long as I homeschool.

2 – The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola – After getting an overview of the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling from Mary’s book (see #1), I wanted to know more and this book, The Charlotte Mason Companion gave me the deeper understanding I wanted. Although our homeschool is eclectic vs. just Charlotte Mason style, this book was still useful to give me a foundation of what a quality home education could look like.

3 – Cathy Duffy 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum – Cathy Duffy helps you walk through a process of evaluating your family and children for vision, learning styles, etc… then helps you select curriculum based on those factors. Our family really needs to get a copy of this book for our permanent homeschool bookshelf as we re-evaluate our homeschool each year.

4 – Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach – As our family has an interest in Hebrew Roots of our faith and a desire to make our homeschool Bible-centric, a friend of ours shared this book. It is a philosophy of a Hebraic approach to homeschooling (which looks a lot like Charlotte Mason meets Unit Studies) and a how to create your own studies using the Bible and living books. Unfortunately, I am have not been in a position to create my own studies to date, so this book mostly just helped us create our homeschool philosophy. However, if you want to create your own delight directed or Biblical based unit studies, I recommend it!

5 – The Old Schoolhouse Annual Print Magazine – I understand, this is a magazine and not a book, but the fact that it only comes out once per year in print format and that it is nearly 300 pages in length, I consider it a book. A very current and useful book, full of articles to encourage and instruct, and lots of ads of new and old curriculum and other resources. We get a copy every year.

What is your favorite and/or most useful homeschool book? Or, if you are new to homeschoolig, what is one pressing question you need to have answered?

5 comments on “Super Simple Homeschooling: 5 Books To Help You With Your Homeschool Vision and Planning”

  1. #2 sits on my book shelf (I think) and I just never find time to read.
    #3 I finally got for CHRISTMAS and have read the first few chapters and learned my style preferences weren’t exactly as I “expected” after 11 years of homeschooling. I really wonder what those quizzes would have shown had I done it when I started homeschooling to compare to NOW.

    Another book that I recommend is Lisa Whelchel’s So You Are Thinking About Homeschooling. I read the 1st edition and I think the newer 2nd edition has more lists after each chapter. But that was the book that convinced ME I could homeschool. And I recommended it to another friend and it convinced her that she couldn’t do it.

    • Thank you for the recommendation. I know there are a few more good books out there for me to discover:-)

      As for the Charlotte Mason book, as long as you have now been homeschooling, you might not get much out of it now. It lead me to decide to find Charlotte Mason style curriculum, as I knew I didn’t have it in me at this time to do it all on my own.

      • Another book that I forgot about (until I saw a review in my email) and goes along with your desire for Charlotte Mason..
        For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay (hope I spelled that correctly). It comes in the My Father’s World Kindergarten deluxe package so I didn’t read it until I had been homeschooling 6-7 years (so about 4-5 years ago). WOW! Wish I had read it when I started homeschooling. But I didn’t find MFW until my oldest was 3rd grade so didn’t get the book until my younger kiddos where doing MFW K. Really great book for a Charlotte Mason person.

  2. Great list! I have read all of them! Cathy Duffy’s I found SUPER helpful! There is so much info out there it can be hard to know where to start.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at Favorite things Friday! Hope to see you again this week!

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