10 Things Summer Swim
We love to swim!

So far this summer we have: started the summer reading program, played at the park, and done some arts and crafts during a rainy day. Now comes one of the best activities of summer – swimming.

Unfortunately, swimming can add up quickly – swim suites, floaties, the cost of lessons, etc… However, if you can get some inexpensive suites (think Walmart), or reuse what you have from last year or accept hand-me-downs (some people prefer not and I do understand), and not have to have all the other stuff, you can do summer swimming on a few dollars.

We have found for myself and our 3 children, it is $7 or $8 to take them to the local, public pool. If we add dad, then we come up to the $10 threshold. If you family is bigger, then the public pool could become expensive quickly.

Which brings me to the other option – public lakes. We have a couple of lakes within a 30 minute drive and it costs either $5 or $10 for day use for one vehicle (depending on the lake). Some are even free. We made it really frugal last year by going with another family in their cargo van. They paid gas and I paid the day use fee at our favorite lake.

We also know of a family who has built a pond on their property. They allow families to book a day or half day, for free, to swim there. What a blessing!

What is your most frugal way to go swimming?

5 comments on “10 Things To Do This Summer Under $10: #4 – Public Pool and/or Lake”

  1. We have 3 public parks in town that offer shallow depth pools for free. We have one zero-depth spray park, also free. And there’s a $5/person water park with zero-depth areas all the way to 12-ft, and a couple water slides.

    Unfortunately, the lake in our town that allows swimming is down stream from and/or bordering golf courses and non-organic farmland – LOTS of chemicals wind up in there. Every single person who takes the test for lifeguard ends up with infections – I don’t advise anyone take their families there.

    • I would not want to take my little ones to the lake either! Do you have any lakes within a reasonable drive?

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