Had a Baby

With a little fear of dating myself, I just had to use this title. It is from a commercial from the late 80’s or 90s. If you aren’t familiar, WAY back then there were no cell phones. If you were out and about and needed to call home, you had to use a pay phone and make what was called a collect call to home. This involved connecting with an operator, telling them your name and maybe even the number you were calling, They then place the call and verify that the recipient would accept the call. If so, I think the charges were like $1 per minute – quite expensive.

The commercial went something along the lines of a new papa calling his family. To avoid actually having to pay the collect charges, he tells the operator that his name is HadABaby ItsAGirl. The family on the other end hears it and that is all they need to know, so they don’t accept the charges. Just funny for that time and I remembered it when I had our baby. I guess I have a little sense of humor. If you remember what company that commercial was for, let me know:-)

The point of all this? We HAD A BABY AND ITS A GIRL! As I am recovering and very much enjoying my new baby, I have not written much. And that is OK. There is lots of useful content on my blogs to check out, Leave us a blessing, read a few posts, leave a comment and pass my blog around to your friends and family.

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    • It isn’t the same one, but it looks like they based it off of other commercial. I found out the company was 1-800-Collect…

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