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Update 2016: The Feast of Trumpets will start this year sundown Sunday, October 2nd to sundown Monday, October 3rd. 

I have to be honest with you. Outside of the birth of our beautiful baby girl, this year has been a tough year. We have suffered pain, we have lost almost everything financial (car, savings, job), and we have suffered the fruit of some bad choices and bad attitudes.

But this is what is so very wonderful about the Feast of Trumpets – It is the New Year… It is a time of New Beginnings… It is a time of Restoration and Redemption. We have repented of what we have done and now our bodies and hearts can be healed and restored. Our finance can be healed and restored. Our home can be healed and restored.

Everything can change for us this new year, this new beginning.

And so, we really do celebrate on this day.

The past few weeks, God has been repeatedly showing me the cycle of the Israelites – both in the desert and once they were in the land: They would trust and follow God, then they would start forgetting Him and following after their flesh, then they would make bad choices (sin), then bad things would start happening to them, then really bad things would happen to them, they would repent, God would help them, and lastly, they would celebrate their deliverance.

Our lives have been following this pattern for a few years now, but this year is the time to break free and it starts with the Feast of Trumpets.

Finally, this holiday is usually considered the foreshadowing of Christ’s return. We see it as a “dress rehearsal” for the final trumpets that will sound on that day. It is also the reminder that we need to face the Day of Atonement.

How Our Community Celebrated The Feast Of Trumpets In Past Years

Our community got together a little before sundown  We celebrated with worship music, Messianic dancing, and the blowing of the Shofar. Actually, the blowing of lots and lots of shofars.

There is also a quiet, reflective time during the service where we prayed and brought forward a symbol of our repentance. My symbol a couple of years ago was my pointer finger (a photo) pointing upward in accusation towards God. I had been blaming Him for my situation, instead of seeing it for what it is, and simply repenting and asking Him to redeem it.

After the service, we rested on the following day, treating it as a Sabbath. We will also started counting the 10 days of Awe as we prepared our hearts for falling at Jesus’ feet on the Day of Atonement.

Our Celebration Will Be Similar This Year. 

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11 comments on “Celebrating Biblical Holidays: The Feast Of Trumpets”

  1. I’m envious that you have a community to celebrate with. That must be wonderful! I have to agree with you about the similarities between the Isrealites and our own lives. Sometimes I wonder why YHWH puts up with us! LOL I know in our family, we tend to learn much more after those times we have fallen. The perspective is always a life-changer. We learn each year that we need HIM more and more. I think that’s the point. We need to depend totally on HIM & HIS leading. That’s so hard to do sometimes.

    • I am still surprised sometimes by how much I learn during the holidays, how much I grow, and how much I grow closer to the Lord. Bless you this year!

  2. I’ve been learning about the feast days, and Yom Teruah is actually not the beginning of a new year, but that is in the Spring. I’m also puzzled by the dates, when they will be looking for the new moon sighting on the 14th, so am not understanding why some celebrate a day early? is an article a friend shared with me that clears up the confusion about this upcoming feast day.

    • I agree with the confusion over the new year (or not a new year), but it is a new beginning to how God seems to work in cycles and I have experienced this personally over the last 5 years we have celebrated.

      As for the dates, that is our church’s stance and it isn’t worth debating or dividing over. We used to participate in a house church and we wasted a lot of our lives quibbling over such things and with other communities… all the while our hearts and what God really wanted for us was being pushed aside.

      • Not everyone is o the same calendar with the dates but they are usually only a few days apart. We will be celebrating on the 15th because we follow the Kairaite Calendar. (I don’t know if I spelled that right)

        • Yes, some people follow a different calendar. As Paul said, some hold one day in esteem and other hold another…. but we are all of Christ!

    • I think I might be able to help a little on the new year. The fall new year is considered the civil new year, similiar to our January 1. The spring is the religious new year, similiar for us to a fiscal year.

      I hope that helps

  3. How wonderful that His mercies are new everyday, and that no matter what He is waiting with outstretched arms. Your feast plans sound lovely. It’s wonderful you have a community to celebrate with. Have a wonderful time 🙂

    • I am very grateful for a community to celebrate with and more mature Christians to disciple us in both the feasts… and the issues we struggle with.

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