Celebrating Biblical Holidays Day Of Atonement

Update for 2016: The Day Of Atonement starts sundown Tuesday, October 11th and ends sundown Wednesday, October 12th. 

I will be honest, this is the hardest holiday to write about. Not because I don’t have enough to say or it is hard to say, but because I know that many (most) people don’t really want to hear about this day. Most people do not want to know that there was a day set aside each year for all of Israel to repent of their sins, and that today, even if we are walking with Jesus and declaring Him King, we still need to repent of our sins.

But, that is what this day is about. It is the foreshadow of the final days. The Feast of Trumpets declares the return of the Lord. The Day of Atonement is when we stand before Him in judgement. The Feast of Tabernacles is the rest of our lives, tabernacling (living) with Jesus.

On this day, I will come before the Lord and dig up things that I have been ignoring or burying in my head and/or heart. Today, I will come before the Lord and admit things that I did not want to deal with this year. Today, I will come before the Lord and let Him remind me of what I did not even realize I have been doing that is not good for me and He does not want me doing (or thinking or saying).

Today, I will come before the Lord and humble myself and repent of many things. Then I will try to practice this throughout the year…

How Our Community Has Celebrated The Day of Atonement In The Past

We fasted from sundown to sundown.

We gathered at our church in the afternoon for personal worship. Our leadership setup tables that are geared to make us think about different areas of our lives and how we have (or have not) been following God’s call / Jesus’ teachings and leadings in those areas. My husband and I rotated on this – one will go with out the children, then come back so the other can then go with out the children. It is a very beautiful time and very emotional.

We then gathered our children for the final worship in the early evening. In this time we sang (reverently), prayed through a corporate prayer of repentance, then we had additional time to pray for each other, as the Spirit leads.

Our community will celebrate in a similar way this year. 

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Learn More About The Biblical Holidays

I understand if this is a little much or is more than you want to know at this time. Maybe you just want to learn about the basics of the holiday for your homeschool or Sunday school.

I recommend – A Family Guide To the Biblical Holidays. It includes recipes, stories, printables and much more.

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  1. I purchased the FGBH ebook last week and we have used it 2x already. Too late for us to celebrate the holidays but next year we plan to. Lots of great info and crafts. I did print out the activity pages for E to do. Looking forward to using this book for many years…great resource.

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