I am going to make this really simple – according the UN, it would take about a $30 billion dollar a year investment to eradicate world hunger. According to CNN, we spend about $7 billion dollars per year, just on Halloween. That is almost 1/4 of the needed money spent on one holiday. So lets just cancel the indulgence of non-food (i.e. candy) for one day per year and all the stuff that comes with it, and invest the money┬áin seeds, farm animals, tools, wells, small business loans, and the such and the poor in the world will be that much closer to having what it needs.

Can it get any simpler than that?

I say start the movement now – CANCEL HALLOWEEN and SAVE THE WORLD!

I do have to add a little note. When you take your Halloween money and give it instead, please be sure to invest it into an organization with very little overhead so the money gets out to the communities. Also, be sure to invest it into an organization that invests in the community, not just gives handouts of food that will run out, but gives them what they need to grow, make, purchase their own food.

What other things can we give up to help the poor and get rid of world hunger?

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Gifts With A Cause

5 comments on “Cancel Halloween, Save The World”

  1. We haven’t “done” Christmas (at least not the overblown commercial way most people do) or Halloween in years. I agree. Christians should be using that money normally wasted on costumes that are worn once and candy that none of us need to feed those who don’t have enough.

  2. We don’t do Halloween…. don’t see how it “glorifies God”, especially when you look up the origins of the holiday (really don’t even like to call it one). The money spent on all these days it just CRAZY. They are so “embedded” into the American culture, its just SAD!

    • Although the main point of the post about canceling Halloween was not about the religious reasons, I will say that we have not celebrated in many years because of our convictions.

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