I have lost my way.

Somehow, over the past year, my blog went from being about how I can help others’ live a simpler life, sharing what my journey to simplify has been like, and what God is doing in my life, to being about how to make money with my blog.

A Simple Life Too became a “Beast” when I stopped blogging about my heart and what I wanted to write about and it became about “how can I make some money.”

I am sorry.

So, I am sort of starting over again.

No, I won’t get rid of the content I currently have, as some of it really is useful. But I am going back to why I am writing in the first place – by making sure everything I post is because I want to post it, because I hope it really is something that might be useful to others, and / or it is something that truly brings me joy.

I also am not going to fight my life to post more often.

I have a baby. I have three other children. I homeschool, nurse the baby, clean the house, spend time with my husband, and have quality time and  conversation with the folks in my church community.

I live, then I write. I can not continue to live to write.

I will write about our homeschool experience, from the humble perspective of what I have learned so far and what God is showing me WE should do.

I will write about what God is doing in my life and speaking truth. I will probably write about the Biblical holidays.

I might write about how I am working with my children and trying to encourage them. I might also write about our issues with food and how we are trying to eat healthier… and sometimes failing miserably.

I might write about how I really want to go to Disneyland / Disneyworld or some other aspect of my desire to travel. I might still write about trying to work from home… and what has worked and hasn’t worked for us there so far.

I might even come up with something new. We will see…

I would love to hear from you. What did you like and/or did not like from A Simple Life Too this year.

8 comments on “How “A Simple Life Too” Almost Became A Beast”

  1. Love those ideas. Those are what “drew” me to your blog in the first place. Its hard not to “compare” to the other bloggers making money. But, if you do as GOD leads, He will take care of the rest!
    Babies and toddlers take a lot of time. I don’t know how you write.at.all.

    Looking forward to your posts when your family doesn’t need you!

  2. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and read the first few posts on your page. When I got to this one, I could totally identify. I used to be a mommy blogger. I began with a passion and a little outlet for me, as I had a 17 month old and a newborn – it gave me a way to feel not so much like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eventually it grew and I thought “hey maybe I can make some money!” Well, I began to live to write, as you mentioned, and things got a little crazy. I tried to make more content in order to try to make the blog more successful. I could feel that my family was beginning to suffer for it and knew I had let an idol in my life (not saying you did this – this is just what happened for me). So I took a break. After a year, I began to blog again, more so for passion. I prayed that God would reveal if this was right or still an idol. Two weeks later, I “randomly” lost the ownership to my domain name. Somehow there was an odd glitch in the system (nobody could figure out how it happened, I spoke with quite a few people) and my domain name went public and was purchased. In order to get it back, the new owner wanted $3000. Yeah right! I thanked God for closing the door and now enjoy supporting other moms who homeschool and strive to raise their children for the Lord. So here I am, long story short, encouraging you! If you feel the Lord calling you to blog (and btw – I’m looking forward to learning more about the Biblical holidays! We just finished reading through Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus and now I am so pumped to bring the tradition of Biblical holidays into our home) please do so! Many of the moms at my church are new to studying scripture, so I cherish the idea of learning from another mother who loves God and has a passion to teach other mothers how to incorporate more Biblical learning/loving into the home. My name is Kristin btw and I have an almost 8 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old and am expecting baby number 4 in March! Blessings 🙂 (sorry about the long comment!)

    • Your comment is one of the most awesome, real comments I have ever received. I am struggling with whether the Lord is really allowing this or if I just keep pushing on anyway, if it is worth the time, etc… Thank you for making think through it again. I do know that I am able to simply put it aside when I need to do other things in my life or if I fee like I am putting it before the Lord, my commitments, my family, etc… It is sill a work in progress.

      I do hope to do posts for the fall holidays again this year. Maybe more practical oriented.

      Bless you!

      • I do hope you felt encouraged by the lengthy comment! Especially knowing our walk of obedience is never done alone, thankful for the body of Christ! Blogging can be a blessing to other women who read it, especially when the posts center around our walk with Christ. Lifting you in prayers. May you be blessed 🙂

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