I am sitting here watching God’s Not Dead 2, I am moved to speak.

without-god-the-united-states-will-become-another-bablyon-fbSomewhere over my lifetime, some of the people in this country, many in government places, have started a war on God, Christians, and the right to live and believeĀ as we want.

They use excuses like “separation of church and state,” tolerance, and faith not having a place in our schools, businesses, and government.

PeopleĀ haven’t just turned from God themselves, they want others to turn from God also. They don’t want us to mention Him. They don’t want any of it to be true. They want us all to go away and let them do what they want… to let them live it up… and then die, in peace.

But we can’t let God leave this country, for when He does, it will become Hell. It will be so dark, so cruel, so depraved. Look at countries who have “kicked out” God, and what they have become.

Do you really want to live in Russia, North Korea, China, Hati, Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iran, and many more atheistic or ani-Christian Countries?

I know I don’t.

God’s blessing is STILL upon us. Lets keep it that way.

God’s Not Dead, He Is Surely Alive!


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