Want to learn how to stretch your money more, become more frugal, and save money on things you need and want? This collection of posts is to help you learn some basics of saving money and some more advanced tips and tricks!

Saving 101: Save By Moving

Saving 101: How to Save on Food Costs

Saving 101: Purchasing from Community vs. Corporations

– Saving 101: How To Save On Big Ticket Items – AnnCoupons.com

Is “Shop Till You Drop” a Good thing?

Tips And Tricks From Richard Syrop’s Effortless Savings – Part 1

Baby On A Budget: How To Spend Less Than $100 On Your Basic Baby Needs

How I Got A 2-1 Laptop For Only $279

Two Radical Ways To Reduce Debt

How To Feed A Family For Less Than $60 A Week Series

Feed A Family For Less Than $60 Per Week: Spanish Week

Feed A Family Of 5 For $50: Caribbean Week – guest post on MeetPenny.com

Feed A Family For Less Than $60 A Week: Asian Week

How To Feed A Family Of 5 For One Week With $25

Extreme Cheapskate Series 

Extreme Cheapskate Challenge Part 1 – What Is Your Extremism?

Extreme Cheapskate Challenge Part 2 – In What Area Of Your Budget Could You Be More Extreme?

Extreme Cheapskate Challenge Part 3 – What Are You Willing To Pay For?

10 Things For Children To Do This Summer Under $10 Series

#1 – Summer Reading Program

#2 – Play At The Park

#3 – Arts and Crafts With What You’ve Got

#4 – Public Pools / Lakes

#5 – Play In The Sprinklers

To Be Continued Next Summer:-)


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