There is a lot of talk about eating healthy and a lot of talk about eating cheaply, but not a lot is being said about how to do both AND keeping things simple. This is our family’s eating philosophy: is it simple? is it healthy? is it cheap? Now, there are times to make meals that are more complex and/or more expensive and we certainly do that on occasion, but this is how we eat on a day to day basis.

Simple, Healthy, & Cheap

Spanish Week: Bean Burritos

Spanish Week: Breakfast Burritos

Spanish Week: Haystacks

Caribbean Week: Caribbean Fish Curry

Caribbean Week: Jamaican Meat Pie

Vietnamese Pho Soup

Beet Soup

Three Injera Recipes

Peanut Butter Balls – A healthy snack for less than a candy bar

Shoo Fly Pie – A Simple Dessert For $.40 A Serving

Fish and Potatoes

Best Meal Ever

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Menu Planning:

Feed A Family of 5 For $60: Spanish Week

Feed A Family Of 5 For $50: Caribbean Week – guest post on

Feed A Family For Less Than $60 A Week: Asian Week

How To Feed A Family Of 5 For One Week With $25

A Simple Life’s Sample Weekly Menu

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