our_favorite_educational_shows_pureflixDo you ever use videos to supplement your homeschool / Christian school?

Have you ever had a few days or weeks of sickness, but you want your children to be learning, not just vegging out?

Would you like to have access to a variety of learning and educational shows – Biblical, Historical, Scientific (especially Creation Science based), Artistic, and even Fitness?

If you answered yes to any (or in our case – ALL) of these, then you need to go and get your free trial of PureFlix!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

Here is a list of our 7 favorite Biblical / Christian shows on PureFlix:

Just for kicks, some of these shows are links to Amazon.com so you can see the cost of purchasing them outright and what savings you get from the low cost of $7.99 per month on PureFlix. And some of these videos are hard to find, you can’t even get them on Amazon!

Drive Through History

Discover World

Discover Science

Mike’s Inspiration Station

Fit Family

There are also lots of Missionary Documentaries. A couple we have watched include:

Amy Carmichael

Travel The Road

Fanny Crosby

There are over 100 educational shows on PureFlix, we just haven’t checked them all out yet!

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