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Clothing: You Will Love This Beautiful, Modest, Feminine Clothing

I do not subscribe to the Bohemian lifestyle per say, but I do admit that the Boho clothing, as a whole, tends to fit in with what I love to wear: soft, feminine, flowing, romantic, and frequently modest.

Yes, I believe women should dress in a way that is lovely and modest. What that means may differ a bit from woman to woman. For me, it means I always wear skirts or dresses (and they are below the knees). I do not wear low cut tops or tight fitting clothing. If I am wearing something tight fitting, it is usually under a sheer top or under a cardigan. Layers can be quite lovely.

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Below are a couple of amazing outfits that I found on Target.com and would buy if I had the budget:

Women’s Ballet Tutu Skirt – Mossimo Supply Co.™ – Even adults like to play ballet!








Women’s Striped Maxi Skirt Green/Grey/Black Stripe – Merona™ – My maxi skirts are the foundation of my wardrobe!








Women’s Duster Kimono – Xhilaration™ (Juniors’) – This is about the Duster, not the jeans…








Women’s Scoop Neck 3/4 Ruffle Sleeve Blouse – Knox Rose – Pretty color








Women’s Ruffle Top Green – Xhilaration™ – My favorite color!








Women’s Ruffle Front Knit Blouse with Gold Bar – August Moon








Women’s Floral Skirt Belted Sweetheart Maxi Dress – Lily Star – I would wear this with a shrug








Women’s Cold-Shoulder Maxi Dress Black – Xhilaration – I am not sure if I consider bare shoulders modest enough, but this is really pretty!








Is “Shop Till You Drop” a Good Thing?


So what are the catch phrases these days?

Shop till you drop!

Become a Fashionista!

Do it for yourself because no one else will!

Work hard, play hard!

What is the media trying to tell us and is it a good thing?

 The Reality for Most People

Some statistics say that the average family spends about $1700 a year on clothing, with women spending about $600 of that amount (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Please understand that I don’t decry this amount. But I ask, do we really need to spend even that much per year? And does anyone really need to spend more?

Most of the families that I know now spend a lot less. Many have little or no budget, maybe $200 a year.

That might be hard for you to hear. That might even seem a bit crazy to you.

But what is even crazier is that these families still have plenty of clothing and they are, for the most part, quite content with what they have.

A Full Closet With a $200 Clothing Budget

When my husband and I committed ourselves to Jesus, we walked away from my salary to have children and gave up many things. This included a clothing budget. For three years, our clothing budget was around $200, and 90% of that went towards my husband’s clothing since he was working out of the home.

That is correct – mom, one girl and then a second girl, had a full wardrobe with $20 a year. And no, we did not make our own clothing. God, as He promised, provided us with clothing.

We did not ask anyone for clothing, we only prayed for it. And it came! Friends and family would come to us with bags and boxes over those three years, and my girls had so many dresses that we ended up passing some on to others. We also have a neat Grandma who has given myself and the girls a few new things, which is always fun and a true blessing to us.

And me? Again, God provided. People would say, hey, I got this skirt but it is too long for me, do you think you would like it? And it would not only be something that I liked, but it would match a top I already had! Clothing even came from distant family members that had no idea of our situation.

Just a Little Bit More Now

Although I was happy to make do with what I had, I did get to spend $200 this year on clothing for myself. It was like WOW, I get to spend that much!!! I used to be so ungrateful for what I had so many years ago.

Now I can’t even imagine needing that much over the next few years. I am blessed to have what I have.

 What is your clothing budget?

What if you “fasted” from purchasing clothing for a year, do you think you would appreciate what you have more?

 How do you feel about how the media portrays woman’s shopping habits?